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Philosophical Oversights

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I am sure you have heard the adage "do as I say, not as I do." It seems as of lately, and perhaps for most of my life, I find myself correcting friends and family of doing the very things that I regularly do. Does this make me a hypocrite? I guess the answer is YES. But look around, watch the news on TV, EVERYONE seems to be doing this. Politicians especially do this and when publicly caught, they either deny it or have some lame excuse about how they didn’t mean it in that context.

With Lent beginning in less than 3 days, I have decided to take a long look at my own culpabilities and let’s just say examine not only my conscious (which I should be doing daily) but look at the things I do and why I do them. How do you do this? The Book of Proverbs, which contains phrases that are often quoted because they are wise is a good start. And although they contain no profound contributions to theological ideas, they constitute wholesome advice about the way a person should live to attain a happy and satisfactory life.

** Disclosure

This blog is not about what I plan to do for Lent, but I think I will start each post with a quote from The Book of Proverbs. Maybe we can all glean a little insight to how we should treat one another.

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